Elyse Kamibayashi

Bravo Wellness

Digital Campaign Development | Writing

The Strategy

When we think of employee wellness programs, we generally think of buzzwords surrounding health and wellbeing — and when we think of health and wellbeing, we think of kale smoothies and yoga. 

Bravo’s approach to workplace wellness is rooted in what resonates most with a blue-collar audience: not changing your lifestyle, but maintaining the things you value in your life and your work. 

Our overarching campaign strategy positioned wellness as a way for people not to "get fit," but to stay strong.

Note: This was one of the rare occasions where the brand strategy had already been established. My job was to create a narrative for the campaign that could be translated into multiple touch-points, including an animated video, email, and ads.


The centerpiece of the campaign was an animated rube goldberg machine, which demo-ed Bravo’s approach to workplace wellness by following a friendly red marble through a series of interactions (including a balloon ride and zip line).

View the campaign video here.

We also created an email campaign aimed at HR professionals — a challenge, given that this particular audience already gets far too many emails.

The Team

Ally Fouts, Creative Director

Elliott Muñoz, Art Director