Elyse Kamibayashi

Galven Investing

Strategy | Naming | Writing

The Project

Created by three veterans of the investing world, Galven (formerly known as CLIMB) was a platform for people interested in alternative investing and socially responsible investing.

On the verge of seeking a new round of funding, they invited us to establish their first brand strategy, and extend it into a new name, logo, and product design.

The Strategy

Most of the fintech world is devoted to creating tools that make managing or investing your money as easy and mindless as possible. 

Galven asks the question: do we really just want investing to be easy? Or are we underestimating ourselves — and our money for that matter? 

Could it be that money is, in fact, something we make in every sense of the word — and that, like everything else we make, the final result is a reflection of the skill and expertise with which we made it? 


Our approach to naming was rooted in the strategy itself. We broke apart the ideas and themes baked into our strategy, and used those to guide name generation.

Our three final name options each expressed a different side of the strategy — and each (miraculously) had available .com domains.

The Team

Ally Fouts, Creative Director

Elliott Muñoz, Art Director