Elyse Kamibayashi

Tandem Learning

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The Project

My mom is still my favorite client. She's a dyslexia specialist, and had just moved to Tennessee when she asked if I could help her create a brand and come up with a name for her business.

This isn't the most groundbreaking work I've ever done, but it's got a lotta heart. And doing work with heart isn't always something we get to do, or feel capable of doing. Basically, I think every strategist would benefit from doing one branding project for someone they love.

The Strategy

My mom ends every tutoring session by spending 15 or 20 minutes reading to her student. Sometimes if the kid is having a hard day, she'll scrap the lesson entirely and spend the entire time reading to them, or just letting them talk.

She sees tutoring as a collaboration — something that requires a huge amount of trust and empathy, both with the kid and their parents. Her goal isn't just to teach kids how to read, but how to love learning, and how to use and appreciate the gifts that make them unique. She makes kids feel seen and loved, which I think might be the best foundation for learning.


We chose “Tandem” because it captured the spirit of collaboration that my mom brings to every tutoring session. We loved its whimsy and joy, and the fact that we could customize every bike to reflect the unique personalities and interests of her students.

There is also a funny story about a tandem bike from my childhood that she would be happy to tell.

The Team

Elliott Muñoz, Art Director