Elyse Kamibayashi

National Public Media

Strategy | Writing

The Project

National Public Media, the sponsorship subsidiary of National Public Radio, needed help communicating the value of public media sponsorship on their site and improve usability for current and prospective clients.

The research

Our first steps involved interviewing key stakeholders, sending out surveys to the wider organization, conducting audience research, leading a discovery workshop, and identifying core communication problems and goals.

The Strategy

The findings from our discovery phase led us to the insight that became the basis for their strategy — that in business, as in life, a brand’s reputation is determined by those they associate with.

The Site

Our strategy, "the company you keep," meant shifting the visual style of the site to make a clearer connection between sponsors and the speakers and shows with whom their brands would be associated. We simplified the navigation and brought forward their audience content — reinforcing the idea that trust and reputation were the keys to connecting with NPR’s audience.

Creative Director: Ally Fouts

Art Director: Mindy Wagner